Local Forecast-windy

Morning, so today will be a hold your hat, skirt alert day. Arctic air moves in around noon today, winds shift to the north and temperatures drop. Winds of 15 to 20 mph will create windchills in the teens. Note it could be worst check out the graphic of temperatures to the northwest. This morning... Continue Reading →

Local Forecast – arctic blast

Morning, just a little nip in the air as we start the work week. Might need the heavy jacket this morning. Reaching a high in the mid 40s with clouds giving away to sunshine. Tuesday the arctic air starts to move in but the coldest temperatures will be Thursday morning. Tuesday expect showers around lunchtime... Continue Reading →

Local Forecast-Seasonal weekend

Morning, cold start to the day will require a jacket and maybe more. Seasonal temperatures on tap with a high in the upper 40s. More of the same for the weekend. Another round of arctic air will be moving in by later next week, so be prepared for bitter cold temperatures by the end of... Continue Reading →

Weather Talk – Natural disasters

In 1883, the volcano of Krakatoa erupted violently, spewing over 25,000 cubic kilometers of rock, ash, and pumice into the air. Some effects included massive tsunamis and high amounts of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. Temperatures dropped for five years and skies turned a blood red color.  What other natural disasters can you think of... Continue Reading →

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