Weather Talk – Hurricane names

In 1953, the US National Weather Service began assigning names to track hurricanes and issue warnings. Names are given for each letter of the alphabet except Q, U and Z. In 1979, male names began being used. When a hurricane is severely destructive, the name is retired.  Has there ever been a hurricane with the... Continue Reading →

Weather Talk – Rainbows

Rainbows are formed when the sun shines through droplets of moisture in the sky, displaying the full spectrum of light. This is why rainbows are often seen near waterfalls or fountains. It's impossible to find the "end of the rainbow" since its position constantly shifts when you move.  What are some of the legends or... Continue Reading →

Weather Talk – Natural disasters

In 1883, the volcano of Krakatoa erupted violently, spewing over 25,000 cubic kilometers of rock, ash, and pumice into the air. Some effects included massive tsunamis and high amounts of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. Temperatures dropped for five years and skies turned a blood red color.  What other natural disasters can you think of... Continue Reading →

Weather Talk – weather control

Famous rainmaker Charles Hatfield began his career as the " Great Precipitator" in 1902, producing rain with his secret chemical concoction. When he as contracted to end the San Diego drought of 1916, rain overflowed the Morena Reservoir, causing severe flooding.  If you could control the weather, how would you help people? 

Weather Talk – All snow, all the time

Buffalo, NY gets more snow than either the North Pole or the South Pole. The extremely cold temperatures at the poles actually prevent snow formation. This is because the colder the air, the less water vapor it can hold.  What is the most snow you have seen in one place? What did you do? 

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